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ABDOMINOPLASTY/TUMMY TUCK   click here to see procedure in 3-D

Often, factors such as multiple pregnancies and genetics can contribute to the development of loose skin, fat deposits, and stretch marks in the abdominal region. Even substantial weight loss can contribute to the development of loose skin in the abdomen. As these areas typically persist despite proper diet and exercise, they can make the abdomen appear disproportionate with the rest of the body.

Surgery Preparation/Tummy Tuck
The length of a tummy tuck procedure can vary depending on the extent of tissue removal, or the necessity for an additional procedure such as liposuction. However, most full tummy tuck procedures last approximately two to five hours. Prior to the start of your tummy tuck procedure, the treatment area will be cleansed and incision guidelines will be drawn. For complex procedures, which involve the removal of a large amount of tissue, or are performed in conjunction with another procedure, general anesthesia will likely be administered. Conversely, a local anesthetic and sedative may be administered for less complex procedures, which will help you stay comfortable and relaxed.

How a Mini Tummy Tuck Works   click here to see procedure in 3-D
A partial tummy tuck works by removing loose skin, fat deposits, and stretch marks from the lower abdominal region below the navel. In addition, vertical abdominal muscles that have stretched and weakened over time are tightened, restoring the appearance of a firmer, flatter abdomen. Tummy tuck procedures can be performed alone, but are often performed with liposuction to further improve body contours. A tummy tuck should not be considered as a treatment for obesity, or a substitute for proper diet and exercise. Individuals considering a tummy tuck procedure should be healthy and relatively fit. Future pregnancies and substantial changes in body weight following a tummy tuck procedure, as well as the presence of scars from prior surgical procedures may decrease the effectiveness and longevity of treatment.

Additional Body Procedures

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